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Prehistoric Shenanigans

..when not dyeing my hair in the blood of my enemies..

Note: this tumblr is run by a twenty-four year old barista whose passion for coffee is only rivaled by her passion for paleontology, creepy crawlies, precious meat noodles, omnomnoms, mythology, science, nature, travel, and books books glorious books.

Upon further excavation, you will find that I often percolated uncontrollably about: dinosaurs, coffee, isopods, prehistoric life in general, Angry Beavers, reptiles (particularly geckos and snakes of various breeds), fashion, art, food food glorious food, books, precious invertebrates, writing, zombies, Futurama, illustration, frillies, snuggly things, World Of Warcraft, all manners of mythology and/or lore, anime, Science, cutiepoofs, kindness, cartoons, culture, History, nature, character design/world building, tentacles, cryptozoology, latte art, alpacas, Pokemon, ferrets, Studio Ghibli, b-rated horror movies, clay, cowboy boots, tattoos, and faraway cabins I wish to hide away in for the rest of my days, amongst other this and thats!

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fabulous background by psittacosaurus!
Mar 4 '12

Black Morph of the Eastern Quoll

This rare color morph, black, occurs in around one out of fourteen eastern quolls. And it is absolutely gorgeous.

If you watch Episode 7 of The Jeff Corwin Experience, Season 2, Jeff Corwin actually traps one of these pretty little boys. So lovely.


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